Busted: PDP Caught Playing Propaganda Over Death of 100 Nigerian Soldiers

Following exclusive reports from Reuters that about 100 soldiers of the Nigerian army were slaughtered in their busy, opposing party, PDP has been caught trying to gain from it through propaganda. Read report on the 100 murdered soldiers.

While the FG is yet to confirm the deaths nor release the names of the deceased one thing that is certain is that the attack really went down.

Reacting to the killings, opposing party, PDP while calling out the president over the outrageous killing, used a picture which has been in circulation since 2011 in referring to the slain soldiers.
https://twitter.com/OfficialPDPNig/status/1066042052171972608/photo/1While we still await any official announcement from the FG or the Nigerian army, media users are advised to note that the picture in circulation isn’t that of the incident, but mere propaganda.

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